Your News Today. Real, Honest, Local News Since 1998.


Your News Today began November 2, 1998.  The idea for the show came from my mother’s sharp realization that there was a need and opportunity for far greater local news coverage in our area. 

Combined with my strong desire to not leave home to find work, to do something on a creative level and a camera and vcr from my parents photography business, we set to seeking sponsorship for nothing more than an idea.  That idea being that we would create and maintain a week-nightly, half-hour news broadcast built around myself who had no training, experience, or education in the fields of broadcasting and journalism and a mortal fear of public speaking. It was an idea some thought would never work.

However, it wasnt long before the idea took hold and we realized the enormity of what we were undertaking and the responsibility we had to our audience and our community.  From the very first program we have based every report on making sure it is always real, honest, local news.  I believe the only way to survive, much less thrive as Your News Today has, is to treat everyone and every story the same, be it friend, neighbor, stranger or otherwise.

Today, Your News Today is available on Howard’s Cable Channel 7, Foothills Broadband Channel 40 and this site where our faithful audience can find reports and information that are simply not available anywhere else.  The show is about much more than just filming the news.  It’s about giving more time to more reports with more detail and taking the time to get the information right, all with what I believe is a personal connection to everyone watching.

Whether it’s covering local government, drug busts, auto accidents, local sports, and everything from birthday announcements to tornadoes, we fully realize the confidence our viewers have placed in us and we promise to continue bringing them complete, real, honest news coverage. 

Part of that promise is based on an enormous debt I owe them all. Since 1998 they have invited me into their homes.  They and our sponsors have been with me as I welcomed my baby daughter and son and watched them grow. They have been with me as I have listened and learned and gotten more than a little gray. And they have given me the opportunity to share with them the things that are most important to us all.

And for that I say, that’s my time, thank you for being a part of it!